Tuesday, June 28, 2011

more memories

as i'm trying to figure out where all this "stuff" is going to fit in our new apartment it has been fun going through bins of memories from my youth.  a lot of what i'm finding is from high school and college.  love notes, regular notes, letters back and forth, random pictures, etc.  it's cracking me up!  above, i filled out this questionairre when i was almost nine years old.  i'm loving the fashion statements that show the period (#4), the wonderful relationship i had with derek at the time (#9) and the clear understanding of what money can buy (#13).  awesome!

kelly hart was one of my best friends in high school.  i have some really great memories with her!  she was one of the sweetest people you'd ever met, but also so fun.  we were common thrift store buddies and had numerous sleepovers.  this is us snowboarding in lake tahoe during our ski club's snowboarding trip during senior year.   her boyfriend was a trooper and stuck with us quite a bit, even despite the fact that he was a seasoned snowboarder.  we were just starting and weren't very good.  we had so much fun though!

miss lauren and i grew up going to middle school and high school together but really didn't even get to know each other until half way through our senior year.  all that time wasted without knowing each other better!  anyway...above is proof that ditching school was worth it for us...a quick ten minute drive to the beach from school.  too perfect!  we were quick ditching buddies.  the beach and power surge cafe were our mainstays, though i've no doubt there were other such wonderful places we ventured to.  she also introduced me to they might be giants, who we saw in concert at street scene in 1998.  i've since seen t.m.b.g. two more times....love them and their music!  below is said concert in 98' with lauren.  ("ugly dog" to come lauren!)

more memories are sure to come with all these bins full of fun things to share!

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Lissy said...

So fun going through old stuff :) We've moved so many times I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff and I sometimes regret it. Stuff like that helps you remember so much more than you would otherwise. I like #6 :) Is that mansion? Hope you and that baby are doing well!