Friday, July 8, 2011


i love this picture of them with my girls.  derek's look says all.

that's right folks!  derek proposed to courtney yesterday and she said yes!  it's been torture keeping this secret from courtney this past month or so.  she has been sooo patient!  her birthday finally came and she got the best birthday present engagement ring!  i have yet to see the ring on her finger (but i should see it in a few minutes), but i went with derek when he got it so i already know how beautiful it is!  the girls are so excited to have courtney as their auntie.  they already cling to her every time she's near.  so magnetic! 

welcome to the family courtney!  hang on to your boots!


Lissy said...

So stoked for them! :)

Lissy said...

Awesome photo by the way. So perfect!

Jessica said...

Congratulations Derek! That is so exciting!