Saturday, October 8, 2011


thanks for your crib bumper advice/two-cents my friends.  it's always good to ask friends.

finally successful...wyatt passed out.  now i am free to salute you, my blog buddies, before putting myself to sleep at a very welcomed early bedtime (9pm).  time to catch up on some zzz's.

speaking of said boy, wyatt.  he is so sweet.  i love my little boy.  he weighed in yesterday at 14lbs 9oz., 24 inches.  he's a big boy.  97% - weight, 85% - height, 80% - head circ.  wowsers!

so i just bought the new feist album.  i'm pretty excited about it!  it's pretty chill music, so it'll be nice to have it on while blogging (totally listening right now) or while pretending to do homework.  

ran into my friend anne at my brother's wedding reception last night.  gosh do i love that girl!  it just reminded me how good it is to have amazing friends in my life.  i have so many, after all...i'm truly blessed.  another incredible friend was snapping photos left and right last night.  not quite sure what i would do without her.  how do i get so lucky?

xoxo my friends.

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Rachel said...

was bummed not to go to your brother's reception. Wyatt is a beast:)! Charlie is just over 10 lbs and is older than Wyatt. YOu are blessed with a chubby little cherub:)