Monday, October 3, 2011

tooth be gone!

the other day i'm talking with sienna and as she opens her mouth pretty wide, i notice an extra white spot at the bottom of her mouth.  i quickly tell her to come closer and open her mouth.  she did and i bursted out in excitement! 

"sienna!  you have a new big tooth growing in!"

"i know mom.

seriously?  since when are not that excited about losing a tooth?  it's all she asks about lately.  her cousin london lost a bunch of teeth recently and she likes to watch superwhy's tooth fairy episode over and over.  plus, she's always asking when she'll lose a tooth.  of course i told her i had no idea. so when i get genuinely excited about her losing one soon, she's super nonchalant about it.  ha!

"what do you mean, 'i know'."

"i showed daddy this morning," she says. 

stephen didn't even say a word to me about it all day.  gee whiz people!  this is a rite of passage.  anyway, sienna really is excited about it now.  her little tooth is pretty wiggly but needs some help.  i keep telling her to wiggle it all the time with her hand at home, and her tongue at school.  not sure she's doing either.  and then...a few days later i notice another little part of the tooth next door creeping up too!  so exciting!  so i made her a cute little tooth fairy bag based on what i found here.

here's mine.  of course, it's not finished yet.  i still need to bind the seams and add the strings to be able to close the top, but i love it!  took me all of ten minutes to make last night.  we're almost ready miss tooth fairy!!


karlie said...
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karlie said...

i really need to learn to be crafty like you...always making such cute things!