Sunday, October 2, 2011

two yummies

so i finally made these chocolate mustaches with chloe the other day.  i'd bought the molds for them two months ago and forgot about them until i cleaned out a certain kitchen drawer the other day.  so we went for it.  it was a little tricky, as wyatt woke up mid-way through the process and needed to be held.  so, i may have overcooked the chocolate a bit.  or i may have had the temperature too high, as it seemed like the chocolate never got to the melted stage it needed to be at.  any pointers for the inexperienced one (me)?  i tapped the molds, but because the chocolate was still too thick, i couldn't get the bubbles out.  plus, the chocolate had that filmy-ness about it.  it tasted fine though, and the girls enjoyed playing with the mustaches and eating them.

cute sleeping boy.  he really is such a good baby.  i will never complain.  he sleeps the night through almost every night, very few exceptions.  he eats pretty darn good and is so responsive lately.  last week he started smiling back at me in a big way.  he also started coo-ing and talking back to me.  it seriously makes me so happy.  melts my heart.

below is what happens when you have a big sister around.  wyatt was having some nice blankie time on the floor one morning.  i was cleaning the kitchen and chloe comes over and says, "silly wyatt...he's wearing my headband!" if wyatt was the one who put it on.  haha...oh, chloe!  she put his burp cloth on for a blanket and put her headband on him.  she's already starting to dress him up!  he has quite the future ahead of him.  


Lissy said...

Mmm. Love this post. I'm eating up these pictures of Wyatt - he really is the most adorable baby!

Robin Baker said...

you are hilarious! and wyatt is too cute