Wednesday, November 23, 2011


once again, i see that my gratitude may seem a little bit lacking in my lack of actually telling you what they are, but i assure you (and myself) that i am so grateful that i am too busy to tell the blogging world about it. nonetheless, i find myself the only one awake in my apartment at the moment.  i'm waiting for my apple pie to come out of the oven, so i'll go ahead and tell you more.  this time it will much more abbreviated so as to encourage me to actually write them down:

day 8 - blankets...i love to cuddle up in a blanket and watch a movie, read a book.  i love to picnic on them.  i love to sew and make them.  i love handmade ones by my mom and my grandmother.

day 9 - movies...especially when i am sick and have to just lay in bed all day long.  movies sure come in handy at those moments.  i love to see them in the theater, where the volume is loud and the screen is big and you're surrounded by other movie-goers.  i love how they can make you happy, sad, mad, uplifted and/or inspired.

day 10 - water...that might sound silly, think everyone might be grateful for that.  but i know a few who don't like it (well, more particularly to drink it i guess).  i LOVE water!!  i love to drink it, swim in it, take a shower in it (especially when a little extra filthy).  i love the water in the ocean, in beautiful lakes, rivers and streams.  i even love it in rain form.

day 11 - nail polish...trite and silly, perhaps.  yet i find that i like to look at my feet a lot more when they are painted with a nice color!

day 12 -'s the only time when san diego is actually green!  it doesn't last long, so you really have to make sure and bask in it and enjoy it fully.  so i do!  i picnic in it, i plant things during it, i take pictures of it, i try to smell it wherever i go.

okie dokie...bed time for me.  more tomorrow?  i say no...i'll be too busy baking and eating and (hopefully) napping.  maybe friday i'll do a post-thanksgiving gratitude wrap up.

sound good?


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