Friday, January 13, 2012

the earnshaws

our buddies, the earnshaws, went and moved far, far away a few years ago.  since then our game-playing lives have not been the same.  nor have our party-planning days ever been the same.  we love them dearly and miss them even more.  they were cool enough to rent a beach house over the holidays and we jumped on the chance to see them.  it would've been even better had there not been a scheduling conflict with my family's annual benihana dinner tradition.  even so, it was a blast hanging out, eating "turkey sandwiches" that my girls made for us to eat.  the malan family also made it that night.  so glad!  we got to see their adorable new baby boy.

cute reese.  such a sweet and fun little girl.

all three guys got their flannel on that night.  it was just too perfect.

and the sunset made the night even more charming.  it was beautiful!

wyatt and abe FINALLY meet!  yay!  haley and i used to talk about what it might be like to have babies at the same time and how cool it would be.  then she had a baby!  but she lives way too far.  at last abe and wyatt got to roll around on the floor together and avoid poking each others' eyes out.  very entertaining!  they even held hands a few times.

the girls had a blast in the front room spying on cars outside and chatting it up.

sweet baby john.  if you ask me, he looks so much like his mama.  we shall see how he evolves.

although haley is attempting to feed ravenous abe, i kept it clean.  i just love haley's expression here.  miss her.

come back earnshaws, come back!!!

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