Friday, March 30, 2012

old school

i found my recipe box from when i was a kid tonight.  i enjoyed rummaging through and finding a few gems, including this one.  mostly because i got to see my old handwriting and misspelling, though i didn't do too bad!  i wish i knew how old i was when i wrote this.  i was really into recipes as a youngin'.

this one is my grandpa skip's buttermilk recipe.  we eat it almost every sunday, family tradition.  the best is when strawberry season finally hits again and the toppings for the pancakes are my favorite.  growing up i didn't put anything on my pancakes except butter.  and i would cut it like i would a pizza and eat it with my fingers.  we weren't fancy in our home with pancakes, but that was just perfect.  my brother and dad had theirs with plain old syrup.  probably aunt jemima or something.

but as soon as stephen took over my dad's role in our own home with the pancake-making, we started to get fancier.  strawberries, freezer jam, homemade whipped cream, chocolate chips, peanut butter, apple butter, nutella, bananas, you name it...we are putting it on our pancakes!

just one more reason to look forward to sundays!


Heidi said...

I have a recipe titled "Skip's (Jack's Dad) Pancakes" in MY recipe folder. Haven't made them in a while-- you've made me want to break it out again. They are yummy!!!

Nina said...

AHH I miss Sunday pancakes at your house!!! Sigh... June can't come soon enough!!!