Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bubs and Bears

Don't ask WHY I let the bear eat lunch with her! I really don't know why I let her. But...isn't it so cute that she's sharing the last of her ketchup (which she truly treasures!) with her bear? The bear, I'm sure, enjoyed his once-in-a-lifetime treat (never again though!).


THE STOKES... said...

That is soo cute - what aa sweet baby girl.

Katie said...

Sienna is such a nice girl! It was fun to see her yesterday--she came and sat on my lap and let me hug her all I wanted! Adorable!

Carrie said...

Bruce and Beau love their "little dogs" too! They take them everywhere and have to have them for bedtime. If we can't find them which is rare they worry. It is so cute to see their little friendships with stuffed animals!