Sunday, November 11, 2007

I've been Tagged!

I've been tagged. The rules are that you list 6 facts/habits about yourself then at the end of the post name 6 people that you are going to tag. Then you go into their comments and tell them that they have been tagged.

1. I think it's official that I'm addicted to email, facebook and blogging. How fun is it to keep up with your friends, far and near, through those pages? I love the pictures especially. I probably need to get more of a life and pay better attention to my little girls. I vow to do better! But I love keeping in touch and am so glad I have so many wonderful friends.

2. FACT - I love yoga. Most of my friends and family know this about me, but I do. I find that it totally invigorates me. I feel like I have better posture and better muscle tone. One of my favorite yoga DVD's is "Yoga For Athletes"...totally fits any sport criteria to work on. OR if you are pregnant and need a good yoga class (and you live near-ish San Marcos), then head over to Liza Janda's yoga classes ( I highly recommend her to all! She also taught my Bradley Method birth class. She's awesome! Anyway, yoga is my friend!

3. I went skydiving when I was 21 and would SO go again anytime! I loved it. I admit the only second/moment that I was a tiny bit nervous was when they opened the plane door for us to jump out. Other than that, the fall was amazing. I always said that it would be a great way to wake up each day. So exhilorating! Anyone want to go?

4. I love FOOD. Some of my favorite restaurants are: Benihana, Claim Jumper, Ruby's, Mimi's Cafe, SanSai, Black Angus, Andres' (a cuban place in Mission Bay). Because of my love for food I've really come to love cooking. I always loved baking, but now cooking is way up there. Most the time we come away with something edible. Not always!

5. I served a mission in 2001-2003 in the Uruguay Montevideo West Mission. Of all the choices in my life that would have the greatest effect on the rest, that was one of the biggest (the other was marrying Stephen). But I personally think that, because I served when I did and learned and grew how I did, that's the reason I was able to be with Stephen. I love the people of Uruguay. They are so loving, giving and good-hearted. They really would give you anything they had, regardless. I can't wait to go back and introduce my family to the wonderful Uruguayan family.

6. I DO NOT like seafood. Not included in this category is tunafish sandwiches. I know that doesn't make much sense, especially because it's pretty fishy tasting. But I just don't like seafood. On one very rare occasion I was eating fish at Fishhouse Vera Cruz with my friend Kina, and I actually liked the Japanese fish she got. It was amazing. But ever since then, no matter what I try, I'm pretty disgusted with the fishiness of the seafoods. Yuck!

I tag:

Katie Sabin
Rachel Hazen
Colleen Baker
Ashley Veater
Kelli Thorson
Marcie Kolb


Hazen5 said...

You have many surprises about yourself don't you? I love these things, you just get to know someone just a little bit better.

Carrie said...

Hmmm...I'm going to have to look in to the Yoga DVD. I always get a new DVD after each baby...something new to get me motivated. It was fun reading about you since I don't know you all that well. I love blogging will have to visit our family blog