Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Beach People

We are beach people, in case you couldn't tell.
London & Sienna

My cousin Kiersten's, husband, Taylor post-surf session.


mistyb said...

hey brooke, this is misty cari's sis-in-law I had a quick questions, I am looking for a new double jogging stroller and noticed you had one for your girls I was wondering what brand it is and if you like it? Cute beach pictures!! I wish we still lived close to the water!

Staci Lynn said...

Your girls are so darling!! I wish I lived by the beach! I'm coming to Cali this summer!

Hazen5 said...

But, but, it's too cold for the beach! When did you go. I missed all the great weather when I was in Utah! Dang it!!

Lenna said...

I heart beach people. I really do want to play with you and your darling mini-me's. At the beach. But when it's warm :)