Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brooke is...

So my sister-in-law, Katie, did this and I thought it was pretty funny. You "Google" the following and see what the results are: "(your name) is"....and write down the first 10 things that come up. Let's see........

1. Brooke is...a small-town hick with a high school education (NOT true)

2. Brooke writes lyrics about palm trees on her palm. (hm...maybe I should try?)

3. Brooke decided to help.

4. Brooke is a terrorist, Obama is the AntiChrist. (Whoa! I promise I'm not)

5. Brooke is up and about in Toluca Lake in sneakers and torn jeans. (kind of wish I was at a lake!)

6. Brooke is legit. (of course I am)

7. Brooke is not the only problem in this family! (yeah!)

8. Brooke is blushing right now. (nope)

9. Brooke is happy to see us! (us= you, my friends...then yes I am!)

10. Brooke is not helping (That seems quite contradictory to #3)

So, mine were not nearly as nice and friendly as Katie's, that's for sure. But it was fun to see what associations with my name there were!

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*katie* said...

So funny! And random of course, I think that's why I like it so much. I never knew you were number 4:)