Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lovely magnetics

My crafty sister-in-law, Katie, made me this very handy magnetic board recently. She sells all kinds of fun items she makes on her Etsy shop. She surprised me one day telling me she wanted to just make me one. I'm never one to turn down free, cute crafty things. She even let me pick out the pretty paper! I am SO happy with how it looks!!

I like how rustic it looks. Made some quick magnets to go along with it, and oilla! Look how lovely it looks on my mid-kitchen wall. Perfect!


mistyb said...

way cute! I will have to go check her out on etsy!!

Robin Baker said...

cute! can't wait to get mine too =) Is the $2 bill from Grandma B? I use mine as bookmarks, ha ha

*katie* said...

Oh my goodness, how stinkin' adorable! Wow, that girl is crafty, I bet she's super cool too:) He, he... I'm so glad you love it!!