Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Association

I'm totally digging this band right now. They're old school, but I like that even more about them. I listen to them a lot on the "Bubblegum Oldies" station on Pandora. Check out their sweet songs!


Hazen5 said...

Rob got me started on Pandora... Love it! I got to check out this band, thanks.

*katie* said...

I LOVE that your blog showed up in my google reader today!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!! Gotta check this band out:)

Shar said...

Hi Brooke! I found your blog through someone else's...can't think of whose right now. Brittany Farrow? Anyway, it's fun to see your adorable family and how you're doing. your girls look like so much fun. if you want, check out our blog at travisandshar. hope you're doing well!