Saturday, May 2, 2009

My patio garden

i have always wanted to have a garden. i love plants. i love growing things. maybe i should've been a farmer, or at least his wife. these teeny little strawberries ripening on their little vines make me SO happy. i very rarely see the fruits of my labors. what happens is, i labor too much. that's right, i love my plants too much...i water them way too much. i'm pretty sure that's the problem. only til this last year did i realize that i have to pay attention to each individual plant's needs. they don't all need the same thing. much like people, plants are. so i'm getting ready to throw these babies onto a salad! woo-hoo!

then there's these. in the tiny pots way out there, are wildflowers (thanks to Connley's b-day!)...then next to that is my tomato plant- growing taller every day. then we have random herbs that i planted....sadly i can't even remember which kind i planted. then my strawberries! everyone, plant something, would ya?


Kierst said...

My plants always die. Or they sit on our balcony ledge and get blown off. Then they die. I'm jealous of your strawberries and I'm sure I'll be jealous of your tomatoes!

Robin Baker said...

I just got 25 of your posts in my google reader... did you go public again? yeah!