Tuesday, September 22, 2009

trick or treat teaser

okay, so it's not that big of a teaser...i've actually shown you their costumes, but aren't they cute little ducks??? i love them! the girls are actually not just your regular ducks. their costume is based solely off of one of their favorite books, Gossie & Gertie. i love reading them these books. i wish there were more of them honestly. so i will be sewing felt red boots and felt blue boots, which are gossie and gertie's signature fashion item, to wear. the girls are so excited! hopefully halloween night is a cold one so that their costumes don't make them too hot. they sure roast in them in the house. i heart halloween!!


Em said...

Awww, they are so adorable!!! =0)

Kierst said...

How cute! We just took a Gossie book back to the library today. What fun books! I love that you're making them boots. They'll love it.