Monday, September 21, 2009

nenna bug

i've been meaning to note some of the things that sienna says and does that crack me up. she's really funny lately. stephen and i love our family prayer time at the end of the day because both girls usually want to say a prayer. i love that it's like that and hope that it stays with them through their teenage years and beyond! so when it's sienna's turn she'll say something like 'dear heavly fa-der, thank you for the grass, the stars, moon. bless max and pika and tami. i see grandma tomorrow. and chloe be a good girl. and i go to sleep. name of jesus christ, amen'. her prayers vary day-to-day. the prayer presented here was not the funniest. at this moment i can't remember the things she had said that made stephen and i giggle quietly during the prayer.

i always thought that we hid our quiet giggles pretty well, but apparently not. now when chloe prays, sienna is "quietly" giggling during chloe's prayer. only it's really not quiet at all. it almost sounds like she's mocking her. is that what it sounds like when we giggle during their adorable prayers to her? hopefully not! but maybe so.

then it's chloe's turn. hers are almost always the same. 'dear heavly fa-der, mommy wake up in da morning, daddy wake up in da morning, sienna wake up in da morning, mommy wake up in da morning, daddy wake up in da morning (yes, she repeats me and 'daddy' a lot in her prayers), name of jesus chris', amen'. i love that she loves to pray. someday i hope she'll notice how stephen and i pray and try and add new things. for now, we enjoy it!

* * * * *
sienna also will say another for "would you like another?" (good, good), and then use it like this too, "mommy, where are some nother balls?" she thinks that another is used for "other" too.
while i'm trying to clean off dirt, food, bougar-y stuff or whatever off of chloe's face, she gets really annoyed with me. she starts whine-crying right away saying, "no bougars on my face MOM"...and proceeds to give me an amazing dirty look. so cute!


Robin Baker said...

the grasshopers! so cute

*katie* said...

So adorably cute:) Alan and I get blessed a lot in Ethan and David's prayers... love it! one of these days I MUST get Ethan saying a prayer on video, he is so darn cute when he says "name of Jesus Christ, a-men!" Oh, you must hear it. CUTENESS!

Shay said...

Gotta love those little darlings! They'll be so glad that you've documented all their cute and sweet little things...brought a smile to my face to read it!