Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what was that?

she looks like she is trying to tell us something.  i actually think she was about to say cheese to nina.  it's a bad habit i got my children stuck to.  i'm trying to stop, but every once in a while i find myself saying, 'say cheese!'  yikes!  when will i stop?  luckily when you have a good enough photographer they are able to make your child smile naturally, or make them laugh and then catch that sweet smile that looks like it normally does.  not the generic cheese.  they certainly inherited that from their father.  we had to practice for weeks leading up to the wedding day.  stephen was horrible.  he has such a hard time giving a non-cheesy smile.  so on our wedding day during pictures i would randomly pinch his bum or discretly tickle him.  i think it worked pretty good! 

i heart my bug.  she's such a fun one!


Lissy said...

Ha Ha! Mike has a cheesy smile too!

Robin Baker said...

how come your posts don't show up all the way in Reader anymore? I have to come to the blog to read them... is it a trick?

Great photos Nina!