Monday, October 12, 2009

garden undertaking

and this is where our adventure begins!  yes, at home depot (smile).  the girls were so excited to be at a store with flowers and plants and different things.  they're so used to target.  this was a good change i think! 

we didn't buy many plants to put in immediately, because really...didn't you see the "before" pictures?  we have a lot to do before we get to plant stuff.  regardless of that fact, we did buy a few things, a mandarin tree and a lavendar bush, to plant right away.

we had a lot of options.  sometimes it took it out of us trying to figure out which fertilizer/manure/soil treatment to buy, that was right for us.  yikes!  then there's all the pretty temptations...i just love big, beautiful plant pots.  it was torture not being able to buy one.  christmas?  maybe.  that's a possibility.  but who on earth would ever think that someone would want one of those for her christmas present?  let me tell you, that weird girl, would be me!  yes.

we bought some soil, which, by the way, i love the smell of.  weird?  maybe.  i have a feeling there's quite a few of you out there that feel the same way i do.  thank you for that!  i also found these hoot-y friends.  i love owls, with the exception of the owl from the Rats of Nimh.  he's a little too much.  sidetracked?  yes. anyway those owls are to put up near your garden to scare other creatures away.  i wonder if it really works?  maybe some birds, but after a while, the smart ones might realize that you could land on it's head and it won't make a peep.

the girls had a nice ride on the soil while searching for the proper gardening tools. time look at wal-mart, because although h.d. has everything under the sun, the prices are more than we should've even looked at.  the quality was fabulous, of course, but at the moment, quality is not what we can afford.  we are students, after all.

the tree fit nicely in front of chloe in the car.  i even had a few branches tickling my ear while driving.  oh the fun!  and i'm proud to report that only about 3 leaves were plucked during the car ride home by the girls.  i expected much worse.

the girls kicking the mud off their shoes.

her hair kept getting in her face, so she promptly smeared her dirt-covered hands around her face to get the hair off.  effective, no?

our main buys:  lavendar plant, mandarin tree, soil.

sienna was a wonderful little helper!

a day's hard work, done!


Cherie said...

That was a fun post with all of your creative camera work! Good luck with your garden Brooke.

Mike and Amie said...

You two make beautiful children!! Fun to see you playin in the dirt.

Staci Lynn said...

Oh I love gardens, and garden work and anything outdoors. I love pots too. :) How exciting for you! (that rhymes)