Tuesday, October 13, 2009


let it be known that i'm completely into this game.  i'm not in the addicted stage anymore...thank you, thank you.  stephen is grateful for that, no doubt.  what's more ridicuous, perhaps, is that it is mostly luck.  but most games are these days...and i still love them!  also, pretty clear to most of you, i am not "jennifer" as pictured above.  no sir, that is not me.  anyway...this game is just fun.  i find myself on it to relieve momentary stresses...ie. children fighting over toys (happening a little more often lately, much to my dismay), just weighing myself on the scale to find that after all my hard work over the past month, it's still not budging...etc.  you can also play farkle against other people, which can be fun.  as long as farkle isn't hating you that day.  farkle hates me most days and determines that i don't deserve to do well, or even do okay.  that's okay.  i'll perservere farkle!  you won't get the best of me!  join me in my defeat of farkle!


*katie* said...

Okay, so I've never heard of this game, but it looks suspiciously EXACTLY like a dice game we played as a family that we called 10,000. Love it!

Kierst said...

So I played this game once and thought it was the dumbest game ever!

Nina said...

this game rules. and it is addicting. and it often kicks my trash. sigh.