Tuesday, October 13, 2009

love the neighbors

this is mr. awesome neighbor boy.  he has the cutest button nose and the most piercing blue eyes.  not to mention when he's wearing the same color. he is my girls' best buddy.  especially sienna's.  there's just a special bond.  i hear at least 4-5 times a week about how she's going to "marry max in the temple".  the parents approve!

and then his sweet sister is a sight to behold.  i seriously cannot see her without repeating her name in the googliest language, over and over.  i'm sure mom and dad get sick of hearing me say her name.  but i seriously can't help myself.  she is so adorable and so sweet (excluding the tantrum i witnessed, for the first time, today on the sidewalk...i have to admit i laughed hard).  been there, still doing that!

and hopefully my friend won't kill me, but really nina, i had to!!!  blurry or not (which it most certainly is!...hey, i'm still learning!), this is precious to me.  the love is very visible between you two here.  love it.  don't hate me nina.  just don't do it. 


Robin Baker said...

hey, what's up with the photos? Certainly you got a different camera? Why is there no post about a new camera?! UM, JEALOUS!!!!

Nina said...

yeah, thanks for that FRIEND. sigh...

but my kids are pretty cute!