Monday, October 5, 2009

good stuff to be had

there was most certainly good food to bed had.  apple boysenberry crumb pie, warmed with cinnamon ice cream, and cheddar broccoli soup.  i was super bummed that they didn't have the chicken dumpling soup.  i've been waiting a year to have that soup again. maybe next year!  the c.b. soup was plenty deliciou though, i must say.  and that's coming from a person that doesn't think much of broccoli.  so there!  i'm finding that mom's always delivers great stuff, no matter what.  my taste buds fully appreciate it!


and indeed sweet amelia ate some grown-up food as she demanded.  this little girl can down gigantic proportions of grown-up food.  it is most impressive, and at first, a bit shocking.  i took great joy in watching her eat more than the other three toddler's combined that day.  what a chub!


Nina said...

aww!! love that lia picture!! love the all the pictures, minus the ones of me of course. LOVE the new blog banner!!!

Hazen5 said...

Next stop... Mom's!

We are so going there.