Thursday, October 22, 2009

lovey doveys

another post of my sweet bubbly girls.  my personal photographer took these.  she'll like being referred to as such, i'm sure!  black and white was our theme this year for family photos.  i had fun finding cute things for the girls to wear.  most of the finds were at target, carters or baby gap (on sale, i might add).  they definitely looked a lot cuter than their parents.  it's always that way though, isn't it?  i truly dress them how i'd like to dress.  most the time i can't pull it off.  horizontal strips?  makes me look even wider than i already am.  leggings with no long, long shirt to hide my legs.  these things my children will pull off amazingly, and they do.


Melinda said...

I am pretty sure that your girls are the cutest girls ever. aside from mine obviously. Seriously...they are so cute!

mistyb said...

love the outfits! can't wait to see the family pics too!

*katie said...

Very cute! Where's the mommy and daddy at?