Monday, November 23, 2009


friday as i walked to my car after work i saw this.  is that not completely awesome?  november 20-22 was the san diego breast cancer 3-day walk.  part of it went right through bird rock, which is where i work.  some parents arranged for the walkers to go right by the school where i work, so the kids could support and cheer them on.  it was really special seeing that.  i happened to get behind this car and couldn't help myself;  i ended up snapping a bunch of pics to show how awesome bird rock is.  they were so supportive.  there were balloons everywhere!

many of the local restaurants put stuff up too.

want one of these!

most of my drive home that day i passed by walkers.  i honked every once in a while (i am a honker, after all) to show my support, trying to make it quick and short- making sure not to scare them.  i've decided that i would really like to do that walk next year.  i know that i could wake up one morning with breast cancer.  it seems to be so common these days, and i want to be there for those who have had it, currently have it and so forth.

it reminds me, always, of this woman's documentation of her journey through breast cancer and surviving.


beck said...

when i saw the first picture i thought you were going to saw it was transvestite awareness week. ha ha!

flip flop mama said...

I totally thought the same thing as Beck! What a cool thing they do though. Fun pictures!