Tuesday, November 24, 2009

it's that time of the year

oh, how i love it when she focuses.  her double chin is nearly always present in those moments.  i love it.  so stephen pulled out one of our favorite puzzles to do.  jane wooster scott makes these wonderful cork puzzles that stay together really well and have really fun scenes to put together.  i'm distraught at the moment that we only have one, so i'm going to be ordering another one for christmas for us.  thanks santa!

i always think of this time of the year as the time to do puzzles.  it's just what my family always did.  and i love it!  i immediately pull out the hot chocolate, and sometimes...the popcorn.  christmas music in the backround (yeah, yeah....it's not even thanksgiving yet, but it will be this week.  don't hate me).  i fully plan on building up our puzzle repertoire over the next few decades.  gets me all giddy just thinking about it!

sienna is much like her mum and pop in that she gets a little overly-excited about puzzling.  stephen and i are very competitive when it comes to puzzling (that's what i call it, at least!).  it's all about who can do their bunches faster and with the most efficiency, whatever that means.  sienna is inheriting it, this being her first year really doing a hard puzzle like this.

chloe and i have our game faces on, as you can see.  especially chloe.  she really was happy, i swear!  although i must admit, she didn't last very long actually putting the pieces together.  she ended up "helping" daddy put his together.  for the love!


Charlotte said...

We used to do puzzles around Christmas too. Sometimes even that afternoon. I loved it because I knew that having time to do a puzzle meant that I didn't have pressing events in my life weighing upon me. It's right up there with family board game nights. Last time I was at Scott and Julie's I think we played games one evening for 5 hours or something ridiculous like that.

Robin Baker said...

my mom and I were so obsessed when I was in high school I made it a rule that she couldn't have one going during finals week. we used Styrofoam meat trays (washed of course) to separate the pieces into color coordinating piles and edges... we had a serious system! we used to go to the paperback exchange and trade in when we wanted 'new' ones. I LOVE PUZZLES!

Shiloh Thacher said...

We love puzzles in our house too!

Lindsay said...

Cute blog Brooke! Great pics too. I love puzzles this time of year, good call :)


*katie said...

Yay! I love puzzles! I would like to think that my little men would enjoy teeny tiny puzzle pieces at this age, but let's be honest, I know that they would go flying 3 seconds after coming out of the box. Perhaps one more year, then we'll be able to take one out... love the last shot of chloe:)