Tuesday, November 10, 2009

for the love

i just can't help myself.  this babe was, and still is (in my opinion), so darn cute.  sometimes i miss her slightly bald head;  like right now, when i have to look at her hair slightly chopped off still.  it's attempting to grow back properly, but i continue to find patches of hair where there is only an inch or so.  that kind of discourages me against trying to cover it, cause really?...it's not exactly in an easy-to-hide spot.  i will prevail though!  oh yes.

anyway, in this picture she was probably around fifteen months; which was also the age she started walking at.  i know!  for my first, i kept expecting her to walk quickly and be everywhere.  i even wanted her to be, cause let's face it, it's a lot easier to keep up with one running around, than two, three or ten.  correct me if i'm wrong.  anyway...she was that age, and we were at sea world with the lalannes, about to see the shamu show (a small p.s. to the shamu show...never see the day show.  so lame.  cheesy.  trick-less.  see the night show...great!!).  one of my best friends, cari, worked there at the time and would hook us up with sweet seating.  she was so awesome!

oh sienna!  you are too cute.


Ashley said...

Cute picture! Kirsten didn't walk until 15 months too. :)

The Rowe Family said...

Adorable chunky girl! I miss those days. ;) When is her birthday?