Sunday, November 8, 2009

garden, the second visit

you may or may not remember it, but this was our garden.  we received it a little over a month ago.  a mess, with trash everywhere, old dry weeds and an assortment of earthly surprises.  well, we've been going over there as a family almost every saturday to weed, weed, plant, water, weed and organize it.  it's finally starting to look like a garden.  i tried to take the "after" pictures at the same kind of angles, but they're not right on.  so you can try and imagine, more or less, the transformation.  these first pictures are the most accurately equal.




in these next pictures, i'd like anyone to notice the small, dead forest that was growing there.  boy was that fun to weed.  and i'm actually being serious.  as much as i moan about weeding, i must admit that i really quite enjoy it.  mostly because i see immediate gratification upon the visible difference afterward.  it's so rewarding!



i also included what we planted yesterday.  we kept the zucchini way over there near the pumpkins, since we'd already planted pumpkin seeds.

after (no before, sorry)
see all that grass over there?  it looks pretty in the picture, i guess...but we will be taking that out.  that's what we spent the majority of our time doing yesterday as well.  earlier that day the corner of the walkway there had a huge mound of soil and grass and roots that we had fun digging up.  i found lots of roly poly's, worms, potato bugs (which are totally disgusting) and pincher bugs.  the girls loved it!

a day's hard work!  we had fun and were ready to go.  more to come!


Lissy said...

Wow quite a transformation - I love gardening and weeding too. So nice to work outside and see the results of your labor. Can I just say - I love the painted up pants! Classic.

*katie said...

Woo hoo! How fun! Hopefully you end up having lots and lots of zucchini...if you do, I know someone who will help you with it;)

Staci Lynn said...

I love gardens!! Your transformation looks amazing. The before pictures look pretty much like my backyard in the house I just built.... can't wait for it to start turning around.

The Rowe Family said...

Brooke, you are amazing and I miss you! SO exciting to have a GARDEN!!! I am cheering for you in my heart right now!! These things make life beautiful, and DELICIOUS! All the hard work is rewarding in so many ways. Phenomenal job! MIss you so much and sending a huge hug. :)

Shannon said...

Way to go you guys...the moss clan gives you two green thumbs way up!!