Friday, November 6, 2009

hot chocolate anyone?

every memory stored away in my brain where a winter holiday is involved, there you can also find hot chocolate!  oh, yes!!  i am a chocolate lover, as most know, but the buck doesn't stop there.  (*sidenote:  drink stephen's hot chocolate) so you can imagine my excitement when i finally (last week) replace my non-existent tea pot.  my previous tea pot's bowels had rusted over, making for some mighty tasty drinks.  you can imagine.  so since then i have been tea potless...oh what a terrible thought.

luckily, just in time for winter i find one that pleases both my eye and normal practicality.  i'm ever so picky...wish it weren't the truth, but it is.  so when i was hoggling (yes, it is a word) through the aisles of ross last week, i finally found something that didn't bother me.  this pot is by paula deen.  and all i have to say is, "gracias mama paula!"


Nick said...

We have a tradition we call "hot chocolate shots". You take a Thin Mint or Grasshopper cookie and bite a small piece of each end and drink the hot chocolate through the cookie as though it was a straw. Then you eat the cookie before it melts and falls into your cup, which actually is not a horrible thing either. I bet it's even better with Stephen's Hot Chocolate. Yum!

Nina said...

yes please!!!

Ashley said...

Gorgeous! I don't even have one, so I should definitely check that one out!