Sunday, November 29, 2009

a proper demonstration

meet another jack.  this one is my father.  yes, he is so stylish.  and he loves aerobies. we grew up playing with these awesome flying discs.  p.s. have fun running!

step one (above):  position yourself to make a good throw/toss.

step two:  throw it in the direction desired, trying to keep the aerobie as horizontal to the ground as possible.  take into account wind and hand that doesn't want to participate likewise.

step three (below):  person you've thrown it to must dive with such fervor as jack has shown, putting life and limb on the line.  come on, really.  look at his face!  you have to at least try to emulate!

step four (below):  accept that you didn't catch the aerobie and proceed towards the earth.  make sure to let your hands hit before your face so that you can eat thanksgiving dinner in about an hour.  that is key people!

step five (also below):  land and lie there staring at the aerobie, just to show it that you are not the weakest link.  get up and repeat steps until you have successfully caught and thrown the disc. 

have fun!

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Ken and Cari said...

Love the pictures of you dad!! Too awesome. I miss you!! Hope you had a great Turkey Day!!