Monday, November 30, 2009


to put it mildly, our family had a long restless night last night.  stephen and i are exhausted.  i seriously feel like i tried everything possible last night.  sienna and chloe were both coughing all night long.  but sienna's was by far the worst.  no joke, she probably coughed every 10-30 seconds the whole night.  i couldn't sleep listening to her, and would've felt like a jerk parent if i'd shut my door to shut out the noise.  but believe me, i considered it, cause no matter how hard we tried to help matter what we did, it made no difference.  it's mostly a dry cough, although she does have a stuffy nose.  i'm sure it's post-nasal-drip.  but how horrible it is!  i'm over it.

we tried:
(on her chest, neck...and yes, even on her feet with socks)
homemade honey-lemon-water solution
doubled the pillows (to sleep more upright)

am i leaving anything out?  i'm begging for ideas or help!
another problem?  the girls' insurance was cancelled last month and although i've added them to my work insurance, it doesn't start until january.  there's no way we can pay for a doctor's visit, unless it's an emergency.  this is part of why i'm so desperate to fix it at home.  leave a comment if you've got something new that i need to know about.  please!


Michelle said...

Delsym always worked wonders for my kids. And it's a 12 hour medication, so they are only having to suck it down twice a day!

Lindsey Bunjes said...

One tsp of corn syrup. Sounds strange but my doc recommended it and it does work!

Robin Baker said...

if she gets a fever then take her in. sounds like a sinus infection. sorry mommy!!! you did all the things I do. But I also give OTC cough/cold med to dry up the nose and stop the drip. If Benadryl works for her try that first.

Kierst said...

I actually called the doctor about a month ago for the same symptoms for Ashton. They told me not to give kids under 6 any OTC cough and cold meds. I thought that was strange. They said to pat his back and chest to help him cough it up and use a humidifier and all of those other things you're already doing. I don't know what to tell you, but if she doesn't have a fever, that's what my doctor told us. Ashton STILL has the cough, though, but not as bad anymore. He has his 8 month checkup on Monday so maybe I'll get some help there. I hope you all get more sleep tonight!

SNBAD said...

Brooklyn had that same cough a few weeks ago. Luckily the incessant coughing only lasted one night. The doctors would probably recommend any one or even all of the remedies you've tried. So, great job, sometimes, you when you just can't beat it, you just bear it and are so thankful when it's gone!