Thursday, December 3, 2009


so i really wasn't here for this flashback.  but i just can't help going back to these old pictures i have from the whitaker side of my family.  walking towards you is my great-grandpa whitaker.  i'm not sure who the cute little red riding hood is.  could be my aunt marie or marilyn.  that's my guess.  family, help?

this was my grandparents house up until a year ago, when my grandmother had to sell it to be closer to family.  it was what a grandparents house should be...complete with bears, snow and quiet.  i loved visiting them there.  i have some very fond memories from my times there. 


The Stokes Family said...

I feel like I have been to this house -- have I been here with you brooke or am I imagining things??

Charlotte said...

Mom says, "I think it must be Julie. The picture was taken shortly after Grandpa and Grandma moved to Grass Valley in 1972. [That was when my mom was on her mission] Julie was about 5 then and Candice was 11. Great grandpa died in 1975."

Nick said...

Where did you get these pictures of Great-Grandpa Whitaker? Are they slides your mom had scanned? Can you share them?

Brooke said...

Nick...they are slides that she had scanned in....I'm sure she can get you a CD with them all. I just had them copied onto my computer from her disc. Ask her!

Chris- Yeah, you've been there! We stayed with my grandma in that house when we took that road trip in 98! major flashback, huh?