Monday, December 7, 2009

i love san francisco

my love for this city has grown immensely during this last weekend.  i spent a good full three days (and a bit) there having such a great time!  i drove up with my neighbor, friend, mentor, future band-mate, fellow red, etc....nina.  like mentioned before we went up to do some photo sessions in berkeley, which has also quickly become one of my favorite, quirky cities in the bay area.  where else can you see some of the most interesting trends in fashion and politics?  honestly where!  berkeley is crazy headquarters.  to make it even better, it is absolutely beautiful!  i've almost convinced myself that i need to live there.  almost.

i will be posting some of my photos later this week.  there are many to edit and all, so just give me a few days.  i missed my kiddies dearly and am happy to be home.  i can't wait to take them there and show them all the beautiful and incredible styles of architecture, food and living life.

stay tuned!

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*katie said...

Fun, I'm totally excited to see pictures!