Tuesday, December 8, 2009

s.f. preview

the bay area is absolutely beautiful.  yes, oh yes, it is.  if i could i'd move up there right now.  i love san diego, but come on.  it's green up there!  there's trees!  sun?  i have to be honest, i'm not that huge of a fan.  besides, they get sun up there...it's not like it's washington!  not that i mind washington (eek!  i'm digging myself deeper).  i just love the different scenery too.  color is big for me.  and the bay area has loads of it.  the trees, the greenery alongside the freeways and roads, the buildings and even many home colors.  i loved seeing hot pink homes, teal, purple, even orange (it was really nice looking actually!).  maybe they're all a little bit eccentric up there, but i am too.  maybe it's pretty fitting!

anyway, i thought i'd share a few of the random photos i took on the fly.  the tree above was by far my favorite tree in berkeley (that i saw).  those are truly the colors it was.  i wanted to take most all pictures right at that tree.  i could sleep under it.  is that sounding reminiscent?  i think so...see these trees

anyhoo...then there's this view from up on the hill overlooking berkeley and the bay.  it was a little hazy, so you can't see the bridges or the city, but it's still amazing.

driving back to s.f. from berkeley at sunset was a treat.  we got to watch the sun set through the city skyline.  i've noticed lately how quickly the sun actually does go down once it's about an inch or two above the horizon.  i love watching it.  i haven't quite caught any of it on camera, but i will.

the bay bridge

the ferry clocktower in san francisco.  so pretty!

and of course, san francisco's side of the bay bridge.  did you know that half of it belongs to oakland?  nina told me that.  i learned a lot about s.f. and berkeley that i didn't know.  i also love all the big cranes, that look like star wars droids, across the bay.  see 'em?  the big white things hanging across.  yep.


Nina said...

wow you got good pics!!! love the bridge one!!

Nina said...

also, best trip ever!!