Friday, December 11, 2009

friday flashback

can you say, estrogen?

how did my grandfather do it?  eight women and him...i just don't know how he did it.  plain and simple, estrogen scares me.  i never was very girly, and to top it off i had three little brothers.  when i had my first daughter, i was beyond happy.  our family (mostly referring to myself there) needed a girl!  then i found out my second was a girl too.  that's where i paniced a little.  i love my two girls, don't get me wrong.  they are the best of friends and are adorable.  but i don't know how to deal with that.  i don't know how to settle future arguments.  i really won't understand, is what i'm trying to say. 

i'm really hoping i don't end up like my grandparents, with seven girls.  to keep trying for that son, and wind up with a mountain of estrogen each month.

 (a short p.s. to this post:  i'm not saying that we're trying to get preggers or that i'm even  meaning, don't ask. haha)


Sarah said...

Oh wow, just imagine what your mom felt... "I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO RAISE A BOY!!!!" But she still did it! :) I'm with you; I have no idea how to raise a girl, and it still freaks me out a bit. And I DO have sisters. (But all four of them range from 5-12 years older than me, so I never really had that 'sisterly connection', I was just the annoying little sister when they were all glamorously in high school or college!) Boys are an easier gender for me to understand for sure. And I hope that one day you do get your baby boy! ;)

Kirk and Brittany said...

I absolutely love this picture!!..who is picking their nose? haha!

Ashley said...

I'm right there with you! I don't understand the sisters thing, since I never had a sister of my own. I'm loving having two little girls and so thrilled that they have a sister! But having a whole bunch of girls and no boys is my fear too, and I'm really hoping my third baby will be a boy!