Friday, December 18, 2009

a nativity

i love this time of year for reasons like this.  how often do we get to see children pretending to be sheep?  love it.  our ward christmas party was last week.  near the beginning of the evening, the children's nativity started us off.  they were all so cute standing up there.  you could tell by the looks on their faces that they didn't have a clue why they were standing up there, dressed like that, with everyone looking at that, smiling.  even i was ridiculously excited to see sienna wander out as one of the hundred-angel-concourse.

i love how proud the parents are of their little ones.  (hi, hyrum)

i must give melinda big props for standing in as the donkey.  she did a great job!  i had to tease her a little bit though.  i'm sure she was thinking, how did i get stuck with this?


here come the concourse of angels (sienna wandered in last, not sure what she was supposed to do).

there's most the group admiring baby jesus.  actually, it seems that only melinda is doing so...haha.

sienna's sash was slowly slipping off into oblivion.  i kept trying to get her attention.  when i finally did, she just smiled her shy smile and then continued ignoring me.  oh well, we'll call it the newest nativity sash trend.  hang it at your knees.

more angels

let's end the nativity note on this cute little sheep.  so cute!


Lissy said...

So cute - I adore children nativity programs!

Tiffany said...

yeah...that picture of me is horrible! could you burn that one please?