Monday, December 28, 2009


oh benihana!  how you warm my soul.  

for the past decade my family has had the fun tradition of eating christmas dinner at this wonderful japanese restaurant.  it has been a good run!  i always look forward to it, as does every other member of the family.  this year was no exception.  one thing that made it a bit different, though- the chargers game being on at the same time.  for me?  no biggie, i could care less (sorry charger fans).  but for my hubby and brothers?  oh my.  they kept running back and forth between courses to check the score or to try and see an awesome play.  thank goodness for a bar with a tv, huh?  hm.

and what on earth would we do without chopsticks?  i mean, really?  you'd think i married a 3 year old.  at least he's fun....and a little scary with those in his mouth...i'll admit.

derek even had them coming out his nose.

we patiently awaited our chicken fried rice- by far my favorite thing to eat there.  i inhale that stuff as if i were about to die.  gosh, now that i think of it, i would like that to be my last meal on earth.  not bad!

sienna learning how to use chopsticks...a first.

the lone women (yes, oxy moron...i know) of the porter family.

a future benihana chef?  (complete with her new baby...a gift from sister)

and finally, the fried rice in action.  this particular chef was not the best we've had.  he burnt a lot of the food, which was frustrating...but all in all it had great taste.  remind me to get an authentic japanese chef next time!

i like this shot, salt flying all over.



*katie said...

Oh man, I need to save up my money so Alan and I can go there! Who knew I could crave something and not even know it?! YUMMMM!!

Robin Baker said...

very very interesting tradition! I had no idea

Hazen5 said...

I love their fried rice!!

Are you doing the mud run this year? I think I am up for it finally!

Nina said...

thanks for the fried rice... MADE MY NIGHT!!!!

Ken and Cari said...

Yummy! I love that place!!