Tuesday, December 29, 2009

zoo love

we ignored the craziness around us, and endured the crowds.  yes, my friends, we went to the zoo.  the week after christmas.  but it was worth it!  we didn't stay too long, and took it pretty easy.

here's proof (as if we needed it for something) that we did indeed take the bus tour at the zoo.  the line looked horrifying, but went rather quickly.  sienna shows her sweet stamp that she was more than willing to receive.  she's been showing it to me ever since.  it just barely came off.

waiting to see some animals from the bus.  i seriously think we saw more people than animals.

probably the best part of the tour.  the polar bears were actually out and about.  and better yet!  they were playing in the water!!  a rare occurrence.  i give all credit to the lingering clouds that day.  yay for nimbus!

chloe sizing up the crocodile skeleton (if you look closely, you can see stephen's reflection in the glass)

the galapagos turtles are one of my favorite animals to see.  don't know why, cause they're really very boring to watch.  they don't do much, you know.  but i just love them.  my photos of them didn't turn out (whoops ISO), but here's one of a cute swimming one.

being the nice parents we are, we went straight from the zoo to the park.  why not?  so here's just a few from the park.  their hair was super static-y in the little house we were playing in.  sweet!


Robin Baker said...

second to last photo rules. great catch!

Jessica said...

LOVE Cloe's fly-away hair! Too cute! Hope you had a great Christmas!

Ashley said...

Your photos are gorgeous! We went to the zoo this week too, and it was more crowded than I have EVER seen it. Craziness!

shay said...

Did you get a new camera? Lovin' your photos

Ken and Cari said...

I love the zoo!! Cute pictures!!

Allison said...

great photos Brooke! Looks like you had fun!

Mike and Bianca said...

What awesome pictures! Your girls are getting so big and even more and more beautiful :)