Tuesday, January 5, 2010

day three

this was day three of our quick jaunt to st. george for my cousin, joel's wedding.  i'm so glad i was able to go!  so really, the next few posts will be backwards, starting at the end of the trip.  this was about 5 minutes before we left for home sweet home.  we went over to say goodbye to my grandma (dad's mom) and aunt jill and whoever else happened to still be there.  imagine our happy surprise when william appeared at grandma's house just before our take off.  he is my dad's cousin.  if you ever met a "child of the earth", as we call him, it would be him.  he's barely stayed in any one place for more than a year, since the 70's.  maybe even the 60's.  a true hippy...doesn't know how to use any part of a computer, no cell phone, still in touch with his maryjane side, has been everywhere you can think of...mostly hitchhiking. 

it was a joy to get to know him and his sisters, diane and joanie.  great aunt shirley couldn't be any cuter either.  i'll show all of them later.  for now...dad and will (as he likes to be called now) being themselves.

with ian...what a trio!

showing the love.  that's my dad!


*katie said...

Very fun pictures to have. And really, could you have asked for a better background?! Beautiful!

shay said...

a real live 60's hippy! fun pics. THank you for all your words of encouragement & support & you never know-- you just may get a phone call since you're so close to the temple :) Thank you! xo