Monday, December 14, 2009

tristan prettyman

um, hello.

yes, i am off to see her tonight.  tonight people!  so excited.  i think i know all of her songs.  probably not hard to do at this point, considering how new she is.  at least....i think she's new....ish.  (corner smile)  so go ahead and be just a tiny bit jealous.  or don't be jealous and join me!  check out her music on her webpage (which so kindly let me use their photo).


Nina said...

LUCKY!!!! I love her!!

Cameron said...

She's actually been around for a while - she dj'd in SD for a while, I think. She had a popular song, I can't remember the name of it. look her up on Pandora ... :) Of course I am jealous!!! Have so much fun!!!!

Cameron said...

Um, this is michelle, not cameron, fyi. :)