Thursday, January 14, 2010

*ahem*...more day two.

this is the name of the little restaurant in the lodge where the family dinner and reception was held.  i loved the sign!

my cousins' daughters gettin' cozy with a local indian.  he looks a little shady to me!

so i re-posted the one of my cousin joel, and his bride kristan.  this is because you couldn't see the spectacular view out the window from that picture.  and i know the one on the right doesn't even do it justice, but that is the entrance to zion's national park in south utah.  it is such a beautiful place, with all kinds of amazing trails to hike and overlooks.  the tunnel has always been a fav, although you really don't see much from's just fun to drive through it.

i loved this of my cousin, becky and her hubby and little boy.  previous to this picture, tallan had been *playing* with a butter knife.  seemed like he wanted to eat becky.  yikes!  he sure is a mischevious one.  that's why they make that kind so you can forgive stuff like that so easily.

cute little cousin sadie....funny girl!

ian...serious boy.

oh goodie, and then there's my dad's cousins, joanie and diane.  they were a blast to hang out with and talk to during the whole weekend.  i'm so glad i got to re-meet them and get to know them better.  i think my dad was the butter to their bread that night.  look how cute they are!

last, but certainly not least are me and my pappy.  not a bad picture, considering ian took it!  do we look alike?  tell me!  cause honestly, i don't know!


Alyosha said...

You look like your mom.

Amy Marie said...

yeah i agree.. more like your mom than dad.

you look so young in this pic.. like 20 years old! lol.

Lissy said...

I have to agree with the others that you look more like your mom. What a great photo though. That photo of Sadie is terrific too, what a cute girl!

Tiffani said...

You take such good pics... what kind of camera do you have? Anywho... your girls are beautiful, your beautiful... keep the new posts coming!