Saturday, January 16, 2010

just a glitch

my poor friend.  she truly has the worst luck of many that i know.  the first night we arrived in san francisco last month, we parked on the street, cause that's what you do.  we were so tired from driving straight there from san diego, that we just grabbed all our stuff and headed up to alice's place (nina's good friend).  nina locked the car though, don't be thinkin' that!  the next morning we headed out to the car, ready to play in berkeley and, instead, saw this scene.  they only stole her gps though, not her ipod, which surprised me.  maybe someone was coming and spooked 'em or something. 

it was a big bummer.  we spent the next 3 hours or so at a window place while they fixed it.  the real bummer was that it happened at all, the next was the nina had to fork out her weekend money on that.  i felt so bad for her.  we had taken their car, cause the car she has reserved to rent was a piece of beep.  seriously.  we would've made it to oceanside (maybe) and then we'd have been stuck (not to mention it broke down once on her on the way home from the rental place....nice).  so we took her family car.  glad we did, but i'm sorry that this had to happen.  here's to hoping for better luck next time!

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Nina said...

dude, for real. this sucked royally. luckily they didn't take the whole care though!! and remember, it must have been some poor guy needing money to buy his kids their christmas presents, right???