Friday, January 8, 2010

day two

my cousin joel married kristan on january 2.  it was so special to be able to drive up and attend their sealing.  i feel so priviledged to have gone!  they are a beautiful couple.  i'm sure they will do well together! 

i didn't take many pictures, and the ones i did take were lazy.  i didn't want to pretend like i was the photographer for the wedding, so i just took some here and there.  usually with a very blocked view and bad lighting...but that's okay!  i had fun just watching all the hoopla goin' on.

my cousin val pinning on my aunt jill's flower.

my cousin, jenny, has the three cutest little boys.  this is her youngest...such a ham!

joel and kristan

jenny, becky and aunt jill watching the couple

the bride with her bridesmaids:  cousins becky & jenny, bride kristan, cousin val and kristan's sister.

then there's my stylish grandma and her cute red shoes. 

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