Wednesday, January 20, 2010

f o u r !

that's right!  my sweet nenna girl is a whopping four years old!  i can't believe it!  i just might cry.  it's been an amazing four years with this sweet little girl.  and sweet she certainly is.  i love her so very much!

sienna is many things, including:  shy, thoughtful, funny, pretty, goofy, obsessed with short-sleeves, an artist, her father's child in her mother's body, an untrained gymnast, an adventerous one and an emotional one.

some of my favorite things about her are:  how nice she can be with chloe, despite chloe being a boogar to her......her dimples (for sure!) much she loves playing candyland with the she wants to marry max seibert in the temple.....that she thinks short sleeves are called "up-sleeves" and long sleeves are called "down-sleeves".....her prayers are more a list of what she's going to do much she loves her grandma.

....i just love my nenna.

i'm so grateful that she came out screaming her little lungs out.  i'm grateful that she was only in the nicu for three weeks.  i'm grateful that she was such a strong baby and fought her way home.  i'm grateful that her reflux went away as fast as it did.  i'm grateful she has always been a deep sleeper. 

she is four today!!!!!

and i just love how much she loves her daddy!  sooo much!

happy birthday to my sweet sienna bub.  i love you!!!!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Lissy said...

Wow! I can't believe she is 4! She is too cute. Her green eyes really pop in that last photo - so gorgeous. Happy Happy Birthday!!!

*katie said...

Happy, happy day sweet girl!!

Kierst said...

Aw! Happy birthday Sienna! We need to bring her a present! I'll have to have London give her a call later today.

Tiffany said...

happy birthday sweet girl!

Rachel said...

happy birthday Sienna! Doesn't time fly by? Today Frank informed me that when he turns five this year he is going to kindergarten. When the heck did my little boy get that close to big kid school??

Robin Baker said...

yeah nenna! 4 is so fun. photos by brooke?

Brooke said...

photos by nina!