Thursday, January 21, 2010

sponge painting

these original pieces of artwork were meant to be part of a party invitation to sienna's birthday party, which is no longer going to be taking place.  time got away from us, and we ended up deciding to spend that money to take the girls to disneyland for their first time.  so exciting!  sienna's party was going to be a messy party, where the kids just get messy in all kinds of ways.  the invitations were going to be these paintings cut up into rectangles and then written on with complete directions on what to wear to the party and what to expect.  this wasn't going to be a normal party, for sure.  but it was going to be fun!  maybe we'll do it for chloe's!  (hope that somewhat explains why you never received a birthday invitation to a party for sienna also...for those of you who were wondering!)

so instead we have some beautiful new artwork to put up in our home!  the bathroom maybe?