Tuesday, February 23, 2010

budding musicians

it makes my musical heart go pitter-patter when my kids, of their own accord, sit down at our piano and start plunking away.  i just love it!  of course i want them to be pianists like myself.  it has been such a blessing my life to be able to play the piano.  music is a calming influence for me.  i don't know where i'd be without it.

the seibert kids enjoyed playing it sunday also.  notice the "music" they're playing?  it's amazing how animal reading books and winnie the pooh books are able to have piano notes extracted from them, isn't it?  that is one talent i certainly do not have!

1 comment:

*katie said...

Cute, cute. I wish I could play like you...alas, I do nothing to try and actually improve my skills, therefore, I shall never be like you. :(