Monday, February 22, 2010

we must be crazy...

...cause we bought our 2 and 4 year olds bunk beds.  yes.  thanks to ikea, we were able to get it at a great price!  love that place.  and the girls are in looove.  seriously.  they were so excited to go to bed that night.  i wish that would last through their elementary and middle school years. 

and please excuse the messy room....please?  this is not the finished product.  at this point, we had yet to remove chloe's old toddler bed (which, by the way, is totally up for grabs.  i'll be donating it to the salvation army this week unless i hear that someone wants it) from the room, and sienna's old box spring mattress (which is not up for grabs).  the wall artwork is all moved around now too. 

my new project in mind is to make some matching quilts for them. 

yes, i'm a little worried about what the future holds.  broken bones....concussions....but really, it'll be fine.  i never broke anything and i shared a bunkbed with my younger brother growing up.  i think it helps that they're girls.  boys serously can't resist the urge to be so physical on such a contraption. 

and look what a wonderful reading spot it makes! 
(and yes, sienna needs a hair makeover. the hair just above her ears is finally growing longer.  any ideas for what kind of cut would look cute? i'm almost fundamentally against think again.)


Nina said...

love the bunk bed! i shared one with danielle for years and i never fell out. also, bob it up for sienna. like it or no, it'll grow out way cuter! plus, bob is better than mullet! OR shave it all off and see what grows back -- like a science experiment!!

Sarah said...

SO love the bunk beds! I've been toying with the idea myself, but it's true what you said about boys; I could imagine a self-induced broken arm from a superman flight off the top bunk, especially from Einstein. :)
As for Sienna's hair, just clean up the front to give both sides 'fringe', or shorter layers to frame her face. That way you can stay away from a bob style and she can keep the length in the back.
And if no one else is grabbing the toddler bed, let me know! I'll come take it off of your hands :) I've been looking for the 'perfect'
bed for Curly, but decided that we need one to do the job.

Robin Baker said...

I went crazy a long time ago... but we took them apart and separated them b/c Owen was only 2. Not ready. But we just put it back together a few weeks ago! No broken bones yet. The only problem is who gets to sleep where?! LOL. I make them rotate nights =)
They're all getting so big, sniff sniff. Save that toddler bed for baby number 3!

Michelle said...

Hey.. is that toddler bed still up for grabs? Perhaps my ash could use it. Is it a dark cherry wood? Her baby room is and (I'm thinking ahead) that would be a wise thing to have in that room, if and when number two comes around. : )

Ashley said...

Awesome! I actually bought a bunk bed already too, even though my girls are too young to use it. But Kirsten sleeps in the bottom bunk, and she'll sleep on the top in a couple of years. The only thing I'm dreading is changing the sheets of a top bunk. :P

One Girl and Three Crazy Boys! said...

thats awesome! we were gonna get the boys bunk beds but decided it would be better next year since we just put j in a toddler bed-which we just bought-man i should have talked to you a week ago cuz prest has the same bed as chloes and when we went to get j one they only had two left in that same style but not the cherry color (which prest has-so we had to get the natural wood) i hate when they change styles-the new one is not even as cute as the old toddler beds!

shay said...

I can't believe what a little girl Chloe has become... a yUmMy little girl... {Sienna too, of course--Chloe is just growing like a weed though}