Sunday, February 7, 2010

disneyland - uno

i'm not feeling especially talkative (blogging-style), i'm not going to say much about the photos.  but you'll see that we had a good time!  the girls were very excited to see the castle.  walking through it (the sleeping beauty part) was not as interesting to them...more scary.  stephen's parents joined us for the girls' first time to disneyland that day, and i'm so glad they did.  they were so much fun!  we sure saw a lot, thanks to barry.  he has quite the brisk walking pace.

the first thing the girls saw and had to take a gander on was the merry-go-round.

we took them on the matterhorn also, which i wasn't sure was such a good idea.  the only person who didn't like it was chloe.  she didn't like the abominable snowman.  she kept calling it the scary monkey.  throughout the rest of the day she kept saying that she didn't want to go on the scary monkey ride anymore.  haha...poor girl.

dumbo was a hit too!

nana even braved the teacups with us, despite her reservations.  she did quite well too, in spite of the nice spinning actions!  love this picture of her and sienna laughing.

cute hubby on a teacup... be continued.


Robin Baker said...

cute! we're going for Owen's 3rd birthday in April =)

Kierst said...

London LOVES the Matterhorn because of the Abominable snowman. I warned her about it because I was a little nervous about it for her, and she was really excited about it because he's in Monsters Inc.

*katie said...

We have yet to go on the Matterhorn because after a disastrous ride on Pirates, I just don't want to chance it! I should probably try both soon though, last time we did pirates they were only 1 1/2:)