Tuesday, February 9, 2010

disneyland - two

papa and sienna got thrown in the clink for crazy behavior in toon town, luckily the bars are stretchy,
so they broke out without a hitch.

proving her strength, sienna stretches the steel bar towards her, in great efforts to clean
up toon town's shabby existence.

hanging out in goofy's house.  his couch wasn't half bad!

sienna hiding in a sweet hollow pumpkin
mickey's house!  chloe loved it all.  sienna was terrified the whole time that she was going to run into him and have to say hi or give a hug or take a picture with mickey.  she has this irrational fear of the live disney characters.  it first manifested itself at sea world when we went to say hi to elmo.  she freaked.  ever since, she won't go near any of them for a picture or even to say hi.  how do i break her of that one?  time?  that's what i'm guessing.
chloe, on the other hand, loved mickey.  my little social butterfly that she is.  she even let mickey kiss her on the cheek....after which she kissed his nose.  it was too cute.  she talked about it for days.
sienna loved the roller-coasters, however.  that daredevil!  here she is with nana and papa in toon town on one of the smalle rollercoasters.

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