Wednesday, February 10, 2010

disneyland- three (yes, three)

it was really nice going with stephen's parents.  the girls preferred holding their hands, which was cute to watch and nice to experience.  poor lee held sienna's hand most the time.  don't get me wrong, sienna is the sweetest little girl and i love her....but.  holding her hand while walking can be quite frustrating.  you see, the girl doesn't just w a  l  k.  she hops, jumps, skips, lags- pulling down on your arm the entire time.  lee's back was starting to hurt near the end of the day from sienna hanging on her with all her special little "walks".  now i'm not the only one who experiences it!  stephen never really noticed as much, until disneyland that day.  at one point i let go of her hand (due to said hanging and yanking) and said, "go free!", and off she went!  the girl had so much energy that she just took off.  looks like we trained her well, though, cause she would stop at a certain point and look back to make sure we were still there and that she could see us.  good girl, sienna!

it was at about this point that we stopped for a potty break.  yes, i will tell you that we stopped to use the restrooms, aren't you glad you stopped by today to read all about it?

chloe pulled out the map to see where we should go next (this was all her and her idea).  i pulled out the grapes to share with our little group while waiting for the rest to finish their business.  as we are all pulling away at, and eating, the grapes...several are falling to the ground due to our cannabilistic eating styles.  it turned into a great sport to watch.  the grapes raced from the bathroom rest area all the way down to the toon town entrance.  we were all very entertained by this, for some reason.  barry and i got a real kick out of it.  these weren't the oval-shaped grapes you're thinking either, these were perfectly round, beautiful purple/red grapes (they were delicious!)...making them the perfect rolling object.

chloe also wanted us to knock on a lot of doors that day.  not sure where that came from.  so as we're leaving the toon town area, we see this to our right.  it's the back entrance gate to the princess area.  chloe wants to knock on it, so stephen takes her over quickly and knocks.  i'm sure he wasn't expecting anything to happen.  in fact, they both started walking back to our little group, when the door starts to open.  wow!  a disneyland employee opens the door and says hi to chloe.  it was pretty cute.  she was excited, regardless of the fact that the person wasn't dressed up in anything but black.  now she loves knocking on all doors.

barry and the girls in front of big thunder ranch.

as we made our way over to california adventure, after being the main park most the day, i'm trying to catch up with the rest after taking some pictures.  my friend from way back (i guess only like 9 years back) hears my voice and spots me.  i'm so glad she got my attention!  i have only been able to see her by blog-stalking her over the past years.  she is so cute and pregnant with her youngest daughter in the pic.  so glad i got to see her!  i can't help but think of golfing when i see your lovely face.  (yes, let's meet up soon becky!)
we also ran into (not so surprising) stephen's sister, who was at disneyland all day as well.  katie was brave enough to head up both parks with the twins and her second trimester belly.  props to katie!  the kids were so cute when they were talking.  love their faces.

stephen's parents told us to go ride a few rides alone, as they took the kids to the ferris wheel.  not minding at all, we quickly made our way over to the tower of terror.  sooo fun!  i forgot how great that ride is.  i am a screamer, and this one definitely got me going.  i'm smiling in the pic, but i was still screaming.

the sunset was amazing that day.  what a perfect ending to the girls' first time to disneyland.  i wish i'd taken a picture earlier when the sky was some brilliant oranges and pinks and reds, but we were screaming our way along a rollercoaster.  twas fun! 

we will be going back soon!  disneyland is awesome!!!


Tasha said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Robin Baker said...

love the night shots

Rachel said...

Impressive night shots girl:)

Jessica said...

I miss D-land! Sounds like so much fun!

beck said...

man, those stripes sure look stretched out on me. maybe i should stick with pregnancy shirts from here on out? let me know when you are up for going again. i think i have more free time than you.