Thursday, February 11, 2010

two things

we have had quite the week so far, and the rest proves to be busy as well!  you know that feeling you get sometimes when you just know that it's going to be one of those weeks.  despite the many good things surrounding it...everything just hits you at once?  that was monday night.  okay, so it's not quite as dramatic as i'm making it sound.  it's just timing, i guess.

so monday night chloe starts running a slight fever around dinner time.  we just kept an eye on her.  by bedtime it was getting high, so we popped some tylenol into her mouth.  by midnight the sweetie had quite the high fever going on.  it stresses me out, even though (most the time) i know she'll be fine.  it's partly my motherly instinct, partly my mother passing down her stressed out nature.  i do stress out when my kids get sick, a little.  i start to imagine lots of "what if" scenarios.  but i'm getting better.  especially the more experience i get.  i just love those little girls so much.  i hate to see them in pain.  

anyway, so chloe ends up waking up around 3am choking on her throw-up (sooo sad).  stephen gets in there (despite his exhaustion...more on that later) just as she's starting to sit up and throw up elsewhere.  he was lucky enough to receive part of that gift.  her fever is high again.  at this point she's awake and upset, so i decide that i'll stay up with her.  chloe's desire at 3:30am is to watch hercules.  greek hotty it is!  so i manage to stay awake (as does she) through the whole movie.  her fever was still super high (i've given up taking temps lately, only because it causes her, and me, more stress, than it actually helps.  unless she's totally lethargic and not responding, i'll leave her alone now, for the most part).  only a few hours til we can take her to the walk-in hour at the doctor's office, so we pop another movie in.  this time?  the tigger movie!  this time, i'm struggling to stay awake.  i attempt to fall asleep on the couch, while she is cozy-ish on the recliner chair.  she won't be having that.  so i get coaxed (begged) into sitting in the chair with her, holding her.  felt like 1,000 degrees sitting there holding that hot little body. 

sienna finally comes in around 6:15am waking me up from a partial sleep.  i convince her to get daddy up cause mommy's "done"!  then off we went to take sienna to school and me to work.  stephen took chloe to the doctor to find out she has strep throat.  poor baby!  antibiotics started and lots of sleep to ensue.  

*             *             *               *

the other thing.

rewind to monday evening.  the girls have just gone to bed.  chloe running a fever in bed.  i'm starving, cause i'd just worked out that night and hadn't eaten yet (8pm, yes..bad).  i really want eggs, but we don't have any...nor do our usual back-ups, the seiberts.  dang!  i try to convince him that he needs to drive to the store and buy me some so i can eat eggs.  ha!  he's not having it, and i'm annoyed about it (hey, i was hungry and tired...not a good combo).  very.  then he takes off to help someone move a couch.  so i'm more annoyed now.  it's okay, i get over it.  don't worry!  i hate it when i act like a princess like that...ewww, so dumb.

anyway, stephen comes home with a nice bag of fruit (thanks s & l!) and a 2-3 inch long gash on his right hand.  it's pretty deep too.  great!  that's steve for ya.  he always manages to do things like this to himself.  at least it was in doing service, right?  uh huh.  

i make him take off the bandage he'd placed on it, to reveal it was still wanting to bleed pretty bad.  we debated back and forth if he should go to the e.r. or not.  stitches?  glue?  i thought we could just glue it ourselves, but cause it was so deep we weren't sure.  plus, that's his writing hand, and that's all he does day in and day out.  he writes equations and problems all day (electrical engineer).  we opt to have him go to the emergency room, even though i know he's going to be waiting for a long time.  off he went, to return around 1am.  just in time to get a few hours of sleep before getting puked on by miss chloe.  talk about a night!! 

at the hospital they had wanted to stitch up his hand, but because it took so long for him to be seen, the wound had partially healed shut.  the doctor, lovingly (not!), tried to open it back up so he could stitch it.  the gash wouldn't have it.  so he decided to glue it.  thus, he have a lovely glued gash to show.  i actually dig it, cause you can still see the slice.  i think that's kinda cool, but i'm weird like that.

for the love.


Nina said...

wow, stephen has soo many lines on his hand!! that's awesome!! and totally digging the glue.

Haley said...

Always a party at the Bakers! Never a dull moment.

*katie said...

Poor Chloe! Poor Stephen!! Poor Baker family! Hope the week has improved.

Lissy said...

Wow - that is the 3rd service related hand cutting episode I have heard of in the past week. Sounds like quite a night. Hope Chloe is better & Stephen heals up OK!

shay said...

What a blogging queen you are lately-- seriously 17 posts since I last visited blogland? Oh, poor sweet Chloe. Hate the flu bug. Hate it. And I heart superglue too. You know most times at the ER they will superglue it... cause it's just better than stitches. That's why they made superglue in the first place. So I always opt to do it myself too:) much cheaper, less painful waiting:) Hope your Chloe is already recovered.

Stacy said...

My goodness. Talk about a busy night. So sorry about all of that. That superglue really is amazing stuff. Gotta love it. Hopefully things will be a little ess interesting from now on. :)

Rachel said...

That glue will make it easier to grip a pencil. Poor Chloe and poor Mommy too. Hang in there Baker family.